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Polarized Sunglasses for a Classic Look

For me, there’s nothing better than the perfect white blouse, jeans that really fit and a great handbag. It’s a look that takes you from home to work and lunch with friends. It’s a particularly good way to dress when the weather is uncertain. For blouses, I go to Boden I think the fabrics really wear well and the cuts work for me. However, you can also have a look at Charles Thyrwhitt for a classic non-iron option. I like both. Jeans can be tricky – it’s the balance of finding a pair that looks smart enough for a business setting whilst being casual, and more importantly comfy enough for outside of work. Asos has a huge selection in a massive variety of fits and styles, so is worth a look, but my go to brand would have to be Levi’s, the classic.

Whatever style works for you, you need some sort of accessories to finish the look. This could be a belt, necklace or some funky earrings, but my favourite has to be sunglasses. There’s nothing quite like them to finish and outfit. Try on a pair of classic aviators to complete the look, or some retro cool Oakley sunglasses. The tear-drop shaped lenses of the aviators can be incredibly flattering to a range of face shapes and hair styles, whilst the retro square style of Oakley’s is really in this season.

I like the way gold frames of the aviators look against my skin, but I agree that classic black can give you the edge – especially if you’re using black accessories.  For my money, I’d go with a Take-off or Excel if black works better for your wardrobe. Either way you’ll get sunglasses that last for years and give unpretentious glamour that’s hard to beat. Leather jacket, anyone? What’s easy to wear but makes you elegant?

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