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5 Great Android Applications for Amazing Video Conferencing

Interactive video makes our way of life simpler. Hooking up with individuals from soccer practice and business has additionally been permitted due to interactive video. Consistent with this, Android also enables its products to complete exactly that. In no particular order, listed here are 5 Great Android applications for Amazing Interactive video:

1. Qik Video Connect

The Android Qik’s interface differs with this of their iOs counterpart. The Android version has four blocks on its screen each representing a particular function using its description. Its functions include Video Chat, Record and Share, Video Mail and Video Gallery. Even though the Android version differs using the iOs version in the appearance, both have a similar functionality.

Apart from its Video Chat function, another factor which you might like may be the Video mail. It’s similar to the Voicemail but this time around, it uses video. The advantage of the recording Mail is the fact that the standard from the video is preferable to those of the live video chat as it is pre-recorded. Unhealthy news is perhaps you can not have the ability to make use of this service free of charge after June 1 since they’ll be charging a yearly fee with this service.

With Qik, you may also upload your videos to the net and share them via email and SMS. Although Qik has good features, it might not possess the best video chat experience. At this time, however, Qik is among the best options among Interactive Video Android applications.

2. Tango

The positive thing about Tango is it enables it customers to possess a mix-platform video chat. Which means you’ll have a video talk to a buddy utilizing an iOs even when you are on Android-very awesome indeed! Although Fring has this capacity, Tango scores more points if this involves video quality and simplicity of use. With Tango, it’s possible to also call people over 3rd generation and 4G systems too.

Finding your buddies using Tango can also be made convenient with this application. Tango can sort through your Android or apple iphone Address book for buddies who’re on Tango and adds them in to the app’s address book. Also, setup of the application isn’t very difficult.

3. Fring

Fring is user-friendly. Its interface is and also not cluttered. A first-time user wouldn’t have trouble dealing with be aware of application. Video Quality is nice while not just like The face-time (apple iphone). Its audio continues to have more room for improvement. The positive thing, though, is it obtainable in the Android website free of charge.

4. Knocking Live Video

Knocking Live Video allows its user share live video from his phone to a different a person’s. This Video-discussing application was once available only within the apple iphone. Now, it’s in Android-great news for Android fanatics! This can be a mix-platform application meaning an Android user can share live videos to some family or friend who’s while using apple iphone. It’s probably the most popular social networking applications today and you may download this application free of charge.

5. Skype

Skype is undeniably among the best in Voice over internet protocol applications around. Regrettably, Android Skype does not have interactive video except for 4G phones. A great deal are hopeful though this service would include non-4G phones soon.

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