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5 NZ Activities For The Adrenaline Junkie

For anyone who considers themselves an adrenaline junkie, then one place you will definitely want to place on your list is the thrilling country of New Zealand. NZ is so full of heart thumping activities that you may have a tough time fitting everything in on one trip. NZ is a rugged and gorgeous land that is so full of incredible sights, thrilling adventures, and unique locations it can definitely be described as a thrill junkie’s ultimate paradise. A campervan hire new zealand adventure has long been considered a must-do pilgrimage for anybody seeking adventure. If you’ve made the exciting decision to set out on the road in this diverse land, then definitely keep the below activities in mind for your adrenalizing pleasure.


In New Zealand there are more skydiving companies in operation than in most countries with far larger land masses. No matter which territory you may be in, chances are you will have the opportunity to take a plane up high above some amazing terrain and then enjoy a nice freefall right over it. Just look up the territory you will be and check for companies offering dives. You will be amazed at the amount on offer. Whether tis will be your first time or you’re an old pro, skydiving in New Zealand is special due to the amazing scenery. You will be able to enjoy a dive over some of the most unique and gorgeous terrain anywhere in the world.


World class surfers venture to New Zealand from all corners of the Earth to experience the unbelievable waves here. There are a number of legendary surfer hamlets all across the NZ shores that are host to some of the best waves to be found in the world. Please keep in mind that you should definitely be an experienced surfer in order to take on these waves, but if you fall into this category then you are in for some of the rides of your life in these waters. No worries if you’re a beginner, since there are many classes you can take as well. There’s really nothing more thrilling and pure than catching a good wave, and in New Zealand you will have an incredible about of opportunities to do so.


Some of the most thrilling hiking trails exist here in New Zealand. There are so many different types of terrains here that you can easily schedule a hiking journey where you can take in mountainous regions, lush rainforests, plains and valleys, and coastline all in the same trip. As a matter of fact, many hikers plan their own campervan hire new zealand  journey and do nothing but hike the different terrains along the way. If this sounds like a plan to you, then do your research, find your trails, and hit the road more sooner than later.


New Zealand offers some of the most unique climbing opportunities to be found in the southern hemisphere. If climbing mountain ranges that rise up from rainforest floors sounds like your cup of tea, then you can absolutely experience this here in New Zealand. If scaling cliffs along undeveloped coastline appeals to you, then there is plenty to go around in New Zealand. Climbers visit NZ from all over the world in order to experience these unique and breathtaking climbing opportunities, and if you have any interest in climbing then you should definitely add yourself to this list. Whether you’re looking to exclusively climb or to mix it in with your other adrenaline junkie activities, rock climbing in NZ is just not to be missed.


New Zealand’s many rivers are home to some of the most thrilling white water stretches in the world. There are so many white water spots spread throughout the islands that it will be possible to hit up a great spot no matter where you may be traveling. If you’re an experienced rafter and looking to experience these unique whitewater thrills, then definitely strap a raft to your campervan and keep careful track of where all the best spots are. This way you can hit them up along the road, adding in some added thrills to an already action packed journey. Anybody who loves rafting would be making a major mistake if they skip the whitewater hotspots of New Zealand.

New Zealand is a rugged and thrilling land full of unbelievable thrills and heart pumping adventures. If you’ve been on the lookout for the ultimate thrill adventure, taking in various adrenaline junkie activities in a beautiful, rugged setting, then you will definitely want to consider planning a campervan hire new zealand adventure. There are many places in the world where you can experience thrills, but few with the sheer abundance and natural beauty of New Zealand.

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