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Best Position to Place Your Home Security Cameras

Do you want to know what is happening in your home at all times? Installing a security camera is probably a good solution. It will record all activity that goes on in your homes even when you are away.According to a study funded by AIREF, and released by the University of North Carolina together with hikvision in 2017, it was concluded that one of the things that getsburglars dissuaded is the sight of security cameras hanging around homes.

However, you will want to place your cameras in the best position around your home to make sure it doesn’t miss any nooks and crannies around your homes while it also remains undetected by strangers.

Positioning Your Security Camera Out of Reach

There is a saying, out of sight is out of mind, keeping your cameras out of reach will make it hard for intruders to tamper with it.Here is a tip; you can makea dummy cameras visible, thereby keeping the real cameras out of sight.The joke will be on theburglarif theytamper with a dummy security camera and think it’s the real thing.

Use Cameras with Dynamic wide range capabilities

There are serious conditions you need to consider while choosing a camera.If you plan on monitoring more than a single area, Dynamic Range cameras should do the job.

Install Cameras at the front door

At least 45% of intruders will try to enter your home through the front door.If by any chance your other cameras have been compromised or the intruders bypassed the cameras outside, the front camera will capture the intruders face.

Make sure you also have cameras at the back door

If you have a back door, burglars will most likely gain access through the back door, but it could be a surprise if they are welcomed with security cameras at the back.

Make sure cameras cover all blind spots

The objective is to keep your family and properties safe, so leave no stones unturned. You have corners in your house, make sure cameras are installed at every corner of your home.You could make use of a wide range camera to reduce the number of cameras installed.For example, you might have a tree in your compound which has enough of a blind spot for any burglar to quickly grab a bicycle, or any available items around and go out through the same way without being caught on camera.

These are just quick guides, the real comfort is knowing you have every corner of your house secured with security cameras.You might also want to do some research about security camera placement laws so that you don’t go about invading another neighbor’s privacy trying to secure your home.

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