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Don’t Miss These Aspects Of Professional Commercial Cleaning


Office cleaning and maintenance isn’t something that managers and business owners want to deal with. It makes sense to choose a professional service, which can handle everything from daily cleaning to weekly upkeep of the windows and monthly check on upholstery. With every other commercial cleaning service claiming to be the best in business, it can be hard to make a choice. Here are the pointers that you need to check.

What services do you offer?

This should ideally be the first question on your mind. Commercial cleaning can be anything and everything, starting from simple regular mopping and cleaning to more complicated tasks like window cleaning or cleanup after an event. Ask the company about the tasks they can handle, and it is best to make a note of the monthly, weekly and daily requirements of your business.  Do not choose a service because they can offer everything under the sky. The next points on this list are also important.


Do you have employees?

Yes, that’s a relevant question. Keep in mind that not all companies have their hired employees. Sometimes, services just take up contracts and give them to sub contractors. This can hugely impact the quality of work, and you may end up in messier situations. Ask the company if they are insured and their employees are bonded on the job. In case of a mishap or accident, insurance will help in covering the materialistic damages and accidental medical bills, if any. Do not miss on asking for licenses and certifications, because if a company doesn’t have the permissions to do the job, the damage is on the concerned business.


What are the costs?

As mentioned, it is a good idea to enlist all your requirements, so that you can contract cleaning company with complete contract. Knowing the costs and expenses is a good idea, but before that, do consider the market prices. Given the competition, services may give certain discounts, but do not fall for an offer that seems too good to be true. The pricing is usually decided for weekly and daily tasks, and if you have special requirements, like a cleanup of the communal areas or special maintenance after an event, it is best to take a second contract.

What are your cleaning techniques?

This may seem like something you don’t understand, but commercial cleaning techniques are important. Some companies take extra care of the cleaning agents, detergents and others solutions they use, especially to ensure safety and get rid of the health concerns. You may also want to know the equipment and tools they are using, because if the company is going to work during the office hours, the lesser noise and movements they make, the better is the working environment.


Before you choose a company, do check if they have a good name in the market. You can check this by taking a look at their company testimonials, and if needed, you can also choose to ask for a few references in your area.

Author Bio – James Grimsley is the CEO of ECMS, a specialist facilities management and commercial cleaning business based in London, UK. James is an experienced entrepreneur having been involved in start-ups for nearly 20 years. He has a genuine passion for entrepreneurship and helping ambitious business owners to get their ideas off the ground and brought to fruition through sharing insights and knowledge via the online community.

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