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Duties and Responsibilities of Canadian Custom Broker

Moving to Canada can be a little complicated but that should not deter you from making your way to the Great White North. The country is quite beautiful and just as diverse as its North American neighbor to the South.  The West/Pacific coast features stretches of evergreens and bustling mountain towns while the East/Atlantic coast compares to its American metropolitan New England neighbors.

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Knowing these things it is easy to see why people might opt to live in Canada; but anyone who might have moved there can tell you that you cannot simply move all of your possessions across the border, particularly larger items like your car.  This can involve a great deal of paperwork and it can take some time.

And who has that kind of time?  Well, that’s why many people call upon the services of a Clearit.ca Canadian Customs Broker.

What Is A Customs Broker?

A customs broker is a private individual or a partnership or a corporation/association licensed, regulated, and empowered by Customs and Border Protection whose purpose is to assist those wishing to import or export goods in the meeting of Federal requirements which govern such imports and exports. In layman’s terms, a customs broker helps private individuals and companies with their importing and exporting activities.

How Can A Customs Broker Help You?

There are several ways that a Canadian customs broker can help you.  While the base function of a customs broker is to help you clear your shipment at the border, here are a few of the specific things they can handle for you, saving you time and energy in the process:

  • ensure your goods meet state requirements governing both import and export laws
  • act as a liaison between you and the associated government agencies
  • prepare and submit necessary information, paperwork, and payments to the Customs authorities on your behalf. This can include forms to prove country of origin and destination, suppliers, routes, and intended use of goods)
  • analyze commercial documents to verify compliance with regulatory requirements before submission to relevant authorities
  • ensure your goods are correctly classified for more efficient processing of duties and taxes
  • use their experience and expertise to spread your business (if applicable) into new markets.
  • Offer personalized advice on your specific transport, import, or exporting situation

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