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Everything about USB storage:

Data storage – early stage:

Not long ago, mankind was on the verge of creating of floppy disk which would be able to enable us travel with our data freely. Such devices were (at that time) considered as a scientific breakthrough which might not be replaced anytime sooner. The max these devices were able to carry was a few KBs or even MBs. Even their sizes were huge and gigantic which were although difficult to handle, but convenience wasn’t an option at that time. Hence, years passed by, this technology went from first to last as neither did it had anything to offer (expect for storing a few MBs) and nor was it convenient to use.

Other form of data storage:

But the introduction of these early researches and devices brought the idea of catering the very basic need of human, which is a portable USB drive. Therefore, after floppy drives, hard disks were introduced (which are pretty much still in use) but these devices also didn’t kept their top position as they lacked portability.

USB Drives:

Finally, we got ourselves a USB drive or a portable device that even today, lets us travel with ample amount of data (stored in our drives) without any hesitation. To be precise, these drives are short, not so complex, portable, easy to use and more. When they had come into existence, they were deemed to be far from any competition. But as they say that ‘life is too unpredictable, you never know what would happen tomorrow’ fits this situation.

USB drives losing their charm:

Hence, the USB drives are also now on the very verge of being replaced or if extreme, go extinct. The reason behind such powerful statement is that users so far haven’t been able tackle the emerging threats related to data thefts. For example, you as a user would have definitely encountered a scenario when working on a public PC, you inserted your USB drive and kept on working. Few days later, you plug it again and find all or some of your data corrupted. Who’s to blame in all of this? Nobody.

Theft protection and its necessity:

Here emerges the need of usb data theft protection software and how necessary it is for a user whether tech-savvy or not to be one step ahead of the prying eyes. Be it data security tools, encryption programs etc. all are created only just for one purpose i.e. making your data far from the reach of prying eyes. In case if you have confidential data, you shouldn’t think twice about getting equipped to such software.

In addition, do not ever consider your own system to be safe, don’t do that. Blindfolded trust is something that would make you fall for the trap. For example, you might be having anti-viruses, firewalls etc. as a security option but while surfing most of the commonly used sites, your system gets infected with Trojans, viruses etc. these threats do not attack at first but only wait for you to insert your drive and then only they attack. As expected, you later on find your data being corrupted, or even deleted.  To be safe, you must be equipped with a USB encryption software to avoid such mishaps.

Advantages of USB drive:

  1. Quick transportation of data
  2. No loss of data from dust
  3. Plug and play
  4. No fragile moving parts
  5. Exposure to magnetic fields or scratches doesn’t corrupt your data
  6. Nil usage of power


  1. Quick targets of the prying eyes
  2. Hard to keep track of
  3. Does not come with built-in protection (security)
  4. Data can be corrupted without your consent


Not long ago, these drives were at the top but now, they are pretty much going extinct. It’s not like we’re blaming them for not keeping up with the market, but it is something that was long foreseen. If however, you’re still addicted to your drives, our simply put forward advice would be to use USB encryption software security tools to avoid any mishaps.

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