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Everything you need to Know about Oxandrolone Powder Drug – How to Make it yourself

These days, you can find various kinds of artificial steroids and drugs in the market. These drugs are available in various forms including injection, sprays, oral tablets and powders. Oxandrolone is one such artificial steroid, which is vastly sold in a powder form. Many people belonging to the bodybuilding and sports field tend to consume this drug. Many others convert this powder into capsules and then consume it.

Oxandrolone is consumed because it does not cause gynecomastia, which is a condition of breast enlargement in men. Many studies have also revealed that the athletes have shown a better performance after consuming this drug. This article will talk all about oxandrolone and various methods to create it at home.

How to create oxandrolone capsules at home? – The method

The first company to manufacture oxandrolone capsules was Sealre Laboratories, which manufactured it under the name of Anavar. These days, most people consuming it generally call it by the name of Anavar. Here is how to make the oxandrolone capsules –

  • In order to start, one has to get the oxandrolone powder, which is widely available in the market and can also be bought in bulk.
  • After that, you need to find capsule covers. One can fill the powder by various methods. You can even find an automated capsule maker to make such capsules.
  • Another method is to use capsule trays and you can make them manually.

However, if you are making capsules manually, make sure that you add the right dosage in the capsules so that you avoid adding too much which can cause severe side effects. If you do not wish to make capsules, you can also go for oxandrolone injection and tablets, which are easily available.

Know about various forms of oxandrolone – The liquid and the Powder form

Some people may find the oral method easier because one can alter the quantity of the powder. If a person feels that he/she needs to consume a smaller quantity, then they can add less powder into the capsules and vice versa. One can find the oxandrolone powder on any online website. This powder is white in colour and the crystals will appear larger than the normal crystals.

However, people can also find the oxandrolone in the liquid form. Liquid form is mainly consumed by women. It helps the body builders to enhance their muscle mass and helps them in maintaining their weight.

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