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Five Valuable Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Today, marketing has become more accessible because of the availability of online marketing. A lot of companies shift towards internet marketing and choose tactics like search engine optimization, social media marketing, blogging, cold emailing and online video marketing. These are affordable and effective methods that a lot of online businesses achieve success with. But, the majority of marketing campaigns forget about direct mail marketing. Direct mail solutions are proven to be more effective than email. Here are the reasons direct mail marketing is still quite effective.

Stand Out from the Crowd

If a customer picks up your mail and opens it, he is developing a physical bond with your brand which is something that email cannot do. Thus, if that particular customer thinks about making a purchase he is likely to remember your mail first.

No Complicated Analytics

With direct mail, it is easy to know if somebody has taken action. There is no complicated tool required. You just need to measure the response rate of coupons or phone calls that you get back. This can help you in determining if you sent out to the right people or not.


No Cold Calls

Cold calling is a tough tactic to master if you want to make a sale. It can take lots of no’s before landing an appointment. But if you send a mailer and make a follow up on it, you won’t be cold calling because you just follow up. Therefore, the call is much more friendly and warm.

Highly Targeted

Sending out direct mail ensures that it’s highly targeted. Just knowing where a person lives can already tell you a lot about things such s potential interests, income and other information. Make sure you research before you send out your campaign to have enough information about our customer.


People Open Direct Mail

Compared to emails, direct mails are likely to be opened. The mailbox of a person demands more attention than his inbox. Sending a mail lets your brand enter somebody’s household. Your direct mail seems like an invitation and less like spam when done correctly. Ensure that you provide something of value to your recipient. For instance, a dental practice could use a dental direct mail campaign which sends out funny comics that people will share with their family. This can have a positive and lasting impact on your business.

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