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Harnessing the Advantages of Search Engine Marketing

The success of a website depends on a number of factors. Apart from organic efforts like search engine optimization, you have to also concentrate on paid efforts, and that’s where search engine marketingcomes in the picture. In the simplest terms, Search engine marketing can be defined as the mix of processes and strategies that are used to gain traffic for a website, using paid ads on search engines. Instead of focusing on getting indirect organic traffic, SEM focuses on internet traffic through ads.

Does my website need SEM?

When you work with keywords as in SEO, you actually aim at the larger masses, in hope to get attention of the targeted segment. SEM marketing works the other way around. Here, you will give the ads of products and services to those people, who are actually searching for it. Pretty obviously, search engine marketing requires investment, and therefore, there is a need for planning the campaign. Here are some of the reasons to opt for SEM services.


  1. First things first, SEM allows you to have exposure in the market. It is like fishing in the lake, instead of the ocean, where you are assured of having a good catch. Your brand gets the right kind of exposure on the search engines, and you can also get hits on the website, which will be more inclined towards boosting sales.
  2. SEO and SEM both uses keywords to great play, but the returns on latter is quite evident and easy to understand. If sales is what you need for a certain month, SEM will help in getting instant results, unlike SEO, which can take time.


  1. As indicated, search engine marketing is way more scalable, which means you can track the elements well. For example, you can check the budget you have set and compare the same with the number of conversions, so as to find the exact returns. Sometimes, there is a need to tweak the SEM strategies, which is done by comparing the results and projected numbers.
  2. Visibility on search engines also helps a lot in the process of branding. Your website or brand gets the top place on Google, and you can expect to generate response and curiosity among regular internet users.


In case you haven’t tried a paid campaign for your website as yet, you should hire a SEM marketing Singapore company and start with the planning right away.

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