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Important Information about Adhaar card for Indian Citizens

For all Indian citizens it has become mandatory to have the Adhaar card which provides a unique number to every individual Indian citizen. This card holds a centralized and universal number that stores the personal data of individuals in the government database which is useful for public welfare and servicing the citizens. With the Adhaar card, the government can easily get all the resources required during offering any assistance to individuals without the interference of any middleman.

On June 9th 2017, Supreme Court has passed the judgment of linking the Adhaar Card to PAN for the tax returns. But those who don’t have the Adhaar, they are allowed to e-file the tax returns without the merging until June 30th, 2017. From now onwards, Indian citizens without an Adhaar card will not be capable to precede the tax returns. If you being an Indian Citizen haven’t yet applied for the Adhaar, it’s high-time. You can easily apply for the card online by visiting the official website and know the Adhaar card download tips.

Here, some of the necessities of Adhaar card are mentioned—

Avail the subsidies

Without the Adhaar card, you will not be able to get any kind of subsidy from the government. As the government has the necessary information of the particular individual in the database but to avail the subsidy, you need to produce the Adhaar card.

If you need to receive the LPG subsidy offered by the government, you need to produce the Adhaar card which is linked with your bank account. The amount is transferred every month in your bank account as the Government’s LPG subsidy. But those who don’t have Adhaar card, they remain abstain from any sort of subsidies from the government.

The universal identity card

Unlike the Voter ID card that is used during the electoral proceedings, the Adhaar card is mainly created as a universal identity card for the Indian citizens.. If you have an Adhaar, you don’t have to have any other cards to prove yourself as an individual with a permanent citizenship in the country. It is the proof of who you are, your mailing address, permanent residence and age.

The Adhaar card is used for opening a bank account, for availing passport, for receiving the Jan dhan Yojona, provident fund, digital life certificates, receiving the monthly pensions, LPG Subsidy and also during tax filing. If you are a tax payer, link your Adhaar with PAN immediately.

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