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Lurong Deer Antler Velvet Review

Lurong deer antler extract is new addition in everyday use of Chinese medicine. The antlers are collected from male deer when they are alive and then sliced and ground into powder or boiled to prepare gelatin. Medication extracted from lurong deer antlers considered as effective in both scientific and symbolic value. Currently lurong deer antler is widely used as bodybuilding and sexual enhancement supplement like Lurong Living capsules. The usage and work of these capsules dates back to decades in Chinese history.


Use of lurong deer antlers in the form of medicine dates back to several centuries and now day’s lurong deer antlers are most common in Chinese pharmacies. They are used in the form of tonifying supplements to increase vitality in kidneys and liver. The deer antler velvet tonics are also used in the treatment of acupuncture with certain dosages.

Many of the Chinese medicines are covered in mystery about the issued medicines in the form of powders and herbs. But, when it comes to lurong deer antler obtained from a matured deer that further transforms to blunt bone from soft cartilage with the help of growth hormone known as IGF- 1. The naturally growth hormone which is very much similar as in humans cause fast anabolic changes to tissue. The growth hormone is known to have many healing effects and helps in the formation of muscle tissue, speeding recovery from muscle tears and broken bones.

Reviews of Lurong Deer Antler Velvet

  • Chinese medicine use very important concepts when it comes to medicines like qi, yin, and yang energy.
  • Qi is the word used all around the universe means life force and vitality.
  • Qi is often used to describe a whole state of wellness across all systems mainly in the blood.
  • The present medicines like qi are used to obtain overall immunity, mental and physical energy, good circulation and endurance.
  • Qi dosage can be increased through the use of supplements through meditation and proper exercise.
  • Yin medication is used to calm, detoxifying in human body and clearing mind.
  • Conditions of yin like- deficiencies, chronic conditions and excessive cold.
  • Yang refers to passionate, exuberant warm energy and processes in the body and mind.
  • Yang related medical uses are included with energy and metabolism, skin, digestion, heat related imbalances like fever.
  • Lurong deer antler is prescribed to create balance and provide relief to health issues like- toxicity in kidneys, deficiency in blood, reproductive issues, cold limbs, dizziness and blurred vision.
  • Deer Antler Velvet extract increases stamina in aerobic activity, heightened metabolism and burns fat.
  • The antlers of Lurong deer transforms from cartilage to bone using IGF 1, a growth factor hormone that cause rapid anabolic changes to the tissue.
  • The tonics made up of lurong deer antlers increases sexual virility.
  • The lurong deer antler extracts are perfect for application in general health and fitness.
  • Body builders seeking professional gains and ripped body use oral sprays prepared from extracts of deer antler which is considered as safe and alternative method to steroids.

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