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Should You Freeze Your Coffee Beans?

There is nothing quite like sipping a freshly brewed cup of Joe. The flavor and aroma are to die for. But could you be doing your coffee beans harm when you stick them in the freezer? One of the most asked questions by coffee connoisseurs is regarding whether or not coffee beans should be frozen for freshness. According to an article, freezing your coffee beans is probably not a very good idea. However, you can freeze your beans if you do it correctly. If you want to freeze your coffee beans than you need to do it as soon as you grind the whole beans. Why? Because as soon as the whole beans are ground, the aroma and freshness immediately starts escaping from the ground coffee. If you immediately flash freeze, as soon as the grinding process is completed, you might be able to preserve that freshness and prevent the good to the last drop goodness from escaping. According to The National Coffee Association, the biggest threats to your coffee beans are:moisture, light, heat, and air. If you are looking to guarantee the maximum freshness of your beans than you will want to store them in an opaque (non-clear) air tight container. Make sure that your beans are kept away from heat and light because heat and light will ruin the coffee beans. Finally, since ground coffee absorbs everything around it like an sponge, if you do plan on storing it in the freezer make sure that it is in an air-tight container.

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