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The Best New Year’s Celebrations Include Fireworks

New Years is a time of celebration. It is a time of reflection and resolutions, looking back on the previous year and on to the next. Fireworks are a huge part of many New Year’s celebrations, and they can add a memorable touch to your own New Year’s Eve party. Ever wondered where the tradition of New Year’s fireworks began? Celebrating the New Year actually began in ancient Babylon, and Fireworks and the tradition of shooting them on New Year’s began in China about 2,000 years ago with the invention of gunpowder. Fireworks have come a long way from the gunpowder in bamboo tubes that comprised the first ones. Now you can find any color, size, and price range you would like.

Fireworks displays aren’t just a modern idea; they are a 2,000 year old tradition. The most popular legend has it that fireworks were discovered accidentally by a Chinese cook working in a field kitchen who happened to mix charcoal, sulphur and saltpeter which were common kitchen items back then. The mixture burned and when compressed in an enclosure (a bamboo tube in this case), the mixture exploded.

Celebrations Include Fireworks

Firecrackers, both then and now, are thought to have the power to fend off evil spirits and ghosts that are frightened by the loud bangs of the firecrackers. Chinese New Year is a particularly popular event that is celebrated with firecrackers to usher in the New Year free of the evil spirits, but nothing says you can’t enjoy a Western New Year with a dazzling display. Adding fireworks to your New Year’s party can add class and glamour to your celebration. It is a beautiful way to bring in the New Year, and you can choose fireworks that suit your theme and budget. If you have a color theme for your party then you can choose fireworks that match, or you can go with a few simple fireworks to top the night off, or better yet you can go all out with an unforgettable display.

There are many different types of fireworks available. Fountains are a beautiful and simple firework. They sit on the ground and produce a fountain of fireworks. Roman candles are another inexpensive and beautiful firework. They shoot fireworks into the air, and can come in different colors and patterns. Barrages are sort of like the roman candles big brother. Instead of firing one shot at a time, they fire a barrage of fireworks. Cake fireworks shoot about ten different shots one after the other.

Many people think that a good Fireworks display has to be expensive, but this is not the case. Buying online can be a much cheaper alternative to buying them at a store or stand. Many smaller stores and stands actually purchase their fireworks online from retailers like Rocket Fireworks and then mark them up to make a profit. Why not eliminate the middleman, after all, you can also find a better selection online than in stores. The most cost effective way to purchase fireworks is to buy them in sets or bundles from an online retailer. Some online companies like Rocket Fireworks also offer discounts if you purchase a certain number of the same firework. Why not visit Rocketfireworks.ca and bring in the New Year with your own fireworks display? You and your guests are sure to love it and remember it for years to come.

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