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The Best Way to Grow Your Business

In the 21st century, growing a business is sometimes a serious challenge. You need to make sure that you are consistently making money for your employees and for your investors. Much of that is in your control; you can control the size of your business, the price of your supplies, and the amount you pay in terms of overhead. However, there are also some factors that you have zero control over. One good example is the economy of the country or countries in which you operate. If you were in business during 2008 and 2009, for example, you probably took a massive hit, as economies around the world went into a free fall. The catastrophic loss of capital damaged businesses in almost every country, as the global recession impacted both small and large companies alike. The only businesses that came out of the wreckage relatively unscathed were those that were diversified. Businesses that had spread out their resources and protected their assets were ones that survived and thrived.


Diverse Businesses

A diverse business is one that has many different revenue streams, many different suppliers, and many different places to store their profits. You need to expand your business to other countries in order to shield yourself from instability. There are many things that a market can bear, but it cannot withstand massive uncertainty. Sure-handed politicians, stable populations, and a robust banking sector make for fertile ground to grow a business. Swiss holding companies provide you with stability during uncertain times.

Economists say that there is a recession about every five to seven years; even with good governance, this cyclical rise and fall is unavoidable. You can help weather the storm by diversifying your business and moving parts of your company to more stable grounds. The only way to protect your business against the inevitable is to be properly prepared.


Switzerland is known as a very friendly business climate. The taxes are very low, and the governance is very stable. Swiss tax laws are also very favourable to businesses in particular, and they have been the same for a very long time. When you move your business holdings to Switzerland, you’ll be able to budget and plan much more easily. You’ll know what your tax rate is now and what it is going to be for years to come.


Swiss banks are also incredibly stable. They are known the world over for their professionalism and reliability. They are renowned for their anonymity as well; so opening a holding company or bank account in Switzerland doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are companies that can help you set up an account and diversify your business along the way. If you want to create a holding company but don’t want to be bothered with all of the paperwork and negotiations, you can hire a third-party firm to help you set it up. The third-party will do all of the paperwork and negotiating for you, which means you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the rewards of a holding company without having to deal with the confusing regulations.

If you are looking to make your business more stable and more reliable, you should consider opening a holding company in an economically secure environment. Switzerland provides an unwavering, dependable business environment.

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