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The Milestone – Motorola Android Phone

Using the enhancement and progress of telecommunication technology, there’s certain to be more recent, better mobile phones that offer a much better consumer experience for that consumer. Probably the most main reasons that decide the consumer experience may be the operating-system which is used through the mobile phone. Only a couple of years most mobile phones ran on simple Java or Flash and was without any os’s whatsoever. However, because the mobile market grew to become wiser and acquired maturity, various os’s made their mark – the most recent among them to be the Android operating-system.

The Android operating-system should be probably the most advanced mobile os’s on the planet, and you will find several mobile phones running the Android Operating-system today – one of these to be the Milestone, the Motorola Android phone. This is a glance through of the several options that come with this Motorola cell phone.

Form factor:

The Motorola Milestone is available in a rugged, square chocolate bar form having a slider keyboard that provides full Texting abilities. Not to mention, due to the whole keyboard hidden underneath the screen, buying one from the biggest shows within the given cost range. The nicely considered form factor provides for us a 3.7″ screen having a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. Also, this phone is stated is the slimmest side slider using the full Texting keyboard at the moment.


Talking about the characteristics, you will find couple of phones running the Android and provide these many features right from the bat. This can be a Quadband GSM phone with dual 3G support additionally, it supports HSDPA and HSUPA technologies. And also the Android Operating System is among individuals that support pinch zooming and kinetic scrolling- something that’ll be welcomed by those who would be the new busy. Additionally, it provides a 5 MP camera with dual Brought flash and geotagging. This really is one costly phone which has understood exactly what a mobile camera really means, however it does hamper the savory having a limited camera options along with a clumsy camera interface.

What it really does not have:

No phone could possibly be the perfect phone, and something needs to forgo something to attain everything. This phone lacks radio, does not have flash support for websites, there goes your YouTube viewing and doesn’t provide DivX or XviD video playback. If you’re okay using these aspects not contained in your mobile phone, this can be a champion for you personally. Obviously, the mobile phone has a 8 GB bundled storage device, so there’s something to smile about anyway.

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