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The Silent Killers of Resale Value of a Used Car

Although the market for used cars is growing and expanding on a daily basis, used car sellers can still find it hard to get a good price for their used car. There are people who have tried to sell used Renault Duster in Bangalore and have had to compromise on resale value. Although the resale value of the car is dictated by its age, condition, and usage there are factors that indirectly hurt the resale value.

Better Performing Diesel Sibling

A lot of times, the petrol versions of a car model do not get a decent resale value because the diesel variant of the same model is doing far better in the market. So a buyer of used car often tends to gravitate towards the diesel model and ignores the petrol one even though it is in better condition. Diesel cars involve less fuel cost and hence are preferred by the used car buyers.

Non-Conservative Colour

Colour choices matter a lot when it comes to used cars. The traditional car colours like white and black fetch better resale value. So if your car has a more contemporary colour scheme like stardust blue or magenta then it can reduce your resale value.

Limited Edition

There are brands that come out with limited edition fancy cars during a certain season. For example, during the football world cup a popular brand came out with special edition cars with some fancy features. However, such cars are often like the Christmas tree that does not hold any value once the season has passed.

Too Many Drivers

If a car has had too many drivers handling it then the chances of ill treatment or rough usage increase. This can in turn reduce the price that you get in resale.


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