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Tips To Improve Your Sales Follow-Up Process

If something in a business is multifaceted then it’s definitely the B2B sales department. At times, you need to be patient and calm while sometimes you need to be a little aggressive to get the deals closed as soon as possible.

A sales professional needs to have a several key components for success. A salesperson should be polite and courteous towards its customer, should hold good knowledge about the product or service they offer, be optimistic, committed, driven and more besides.

If you acquire all of these skills and still face problems closing final sales, you should follow the given steps:

  1. Chase all kind of leads 

It’s so obvious that everybody would like to chase hot leads as they are sales ready and they carry the most potential for a sale. But you cannot completely ignore those who were once interested in your product or service you offered them. May be they were just confused and not quite ready to buy that time. You are supposed to boost these leads and give them a preference with a follow-up phone call, email or another contact method.

Therefore, ignoring such leads can only let you lose important future sales and profits. 

  1. Ask your prospect their preferred form of communication and will they respond 

It may sound somewhat cranky but it would be nice if you ask your client their preferred form of communication. It is required because you would be at least sure about your messages being seen and read. Also, when you ask them their preferred media ask them if they will respond to it. This way you can know where you are supposed to contact them or follow-up.

Email would be the most preferred communication media for many, however, some may also like to get follow-up through text, call, else.

  1. Make sure you are punctual with follow-up 

Time is money and time is everything. You understand what I mean. Correct? Therefore, you should include follow-up in your routine. After you have finished the meeting, you should immediately draft them an email thanking them for their valuable time and how nice it was to meet them or if they have asked you to follow-up through call, you can schedule a reminder to call them the next day and don’t forget to mention something from the last meeting to show that you were attentive at the meeting.

In short, you need to set a plan or plan a schedule and follow-up regularly. Do what you have commited to. 

  1. Provide a briefing of your conversation and get the written confirmation 

If you want your sales follow-up to remain focused on value, providing a briefing of your previous conversations could be the best way to do so. The step is very important because it keeps you remembered the crucial points in the conversation, again it shows that you were paying attention while your conversation. Also, as soon as you send them follow-up, ask them for their confirmation in written. This way you will get the things clear and evident.

Reasons you should summarize are following:

  • You can’t remember everything from the discussion. So it’s better to jot down and send them as a briefing which could be of great benefit in future.
  • It proves that you actually understood their needs and you care for them.
  • This way you can hold your prospect liable of what they said or commit to you in the most professional way. 
  1. Don’t give up right away, but don’t be relentless 

You don’t want any sales to slip out of your hand. Correct? Therefore, you need to be a little patient. It’s not always that if a customer has said no then they exactly meant that they aren’t interested in your product or services. Chances are that they may be stuck somewhere between buy or not or might be surrounded by various questions in their mind. In such cases, you should wait, clear their doubt and should proceed further.

Again, it doesn’t mean you call them again and again. There are some customer whose no means no. those customers can be followed up 2-3 times and then you should stop following them. You should keep this in your mind that neither you are overwhelming your customer calling them again and again nor losing them talking for so long.

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