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Tips to Promote Your Online Business with an SEO Company

A good digital marketing company or the best Google AdWords management company will always go for an in-depth research before working on the website. For example, if they are strategizing for SEO- whether on-page or off-page, they will research on the keywords and the competitors. A wrong bundle of keywords can ruin the whole project.

3 primary areas of keyword research—

  • Smartly pick the keywords for home & product pages

To avoid low conversion and high bounce rate, research teams have to pick the keywords smartly. Avoiding long tail keywords can be good for home and product pages. Leave them for the articles or blog posts.


Mostly, it is suggested to collect the most highly relevant keywords but at the same time, it is also important to avoid too competitive ones.

  • Keywords for the Blogs/Articles

Content creation boosts the search engine as well as social media marking. So, teams have to figure out useful ad effective keywords for the blogs and articles. For content production, using long-tail keywords is viable for unique searched of products that users look for online.

  • Keyword cannibalism should be shunned—

Best teams of digital marketing professionals avoid keyword cannibalism. This can jeopardize the whole endeavor for ranking the website. When anyone tries to use the keyword in a blog that has been used for one of the main pages of the website, then keyword cannibalism happens by ruining the hard work made.


  • Competitor Analysis—

By analyzing the competitor’s website, the strategies are mostly built for an effective outcome. When it comes to SEO, eCommerce SEO demands some extra care and the paths are bit different from the usual or regular search engine optimization practices.

With a comparative analysis of the competitor’s site and that of yours, the whole planning of the business is made. The responsibility starts from designing the website to the SEO and even the SMO campaigns. The SEO teams also make sure where are they getting their links from and how they are framing the site’s architecture.

Genuine product description—

Following the rules of the latest Panda update, it’s crucial to cater fresh and unique content even when you are giving the product description. But in many cases it becomes difficult to gather unique content for the 100,000 products you are showcasing of the same domain. Thus, it is suggested to décor the mother page with implacable product description so that users can get a genuine outline of the ingredients, and other descriptions required for the product.


Many smart SEO experts use canonical links in such cases so that the pages get redirect to the mother pages making ease to their efforts.

Benefits of Social Sharing—

Social media optimization like SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. If you want to stay on the edge, you have to use the SMO platform to escalate the latest updates in your business. It is no different in the case of eCommerce business too.

Depending on the quality of posts and content links- you can get more visitors and more likes and shares. Social media campaigning plays a big role in ushering conversions and that leads to sales.


So, this is how you can promote you online business and reach more customers.

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