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Tissue Printing and Tissue Pack Marketing: Making a Difference in your Campaigns

Tissue pack marketing is a famous marketing approach a lot of businesses take advantage of. In Singapore, tissue pack marketing is used for mass awareness campaigns and accounts for millions of sales each year. Every business looks for affordable marketing techniques to advertise their brand, services, products or business. Tissue printing can help a business get a huge market share without having to spend plenty of money.

Reasons Tissue Pack Marketing Gained so Much Traction

People need tissues once they leave their house and offices. Especially in Singapore which is near the equator and oceans, people need to have a tissue pack in their pocket in order to deal with sweat and humidity. However, this is not the only reason behind the success of this marketing tool. Tissue printing is more affordable than other forms of advertisements. Thus, with highly effective and efficient solutions, businesses can make a big difference.


Tissue Printing vs Flyer Advertisement

Both tissues and flyers are similar in the sense that they are both handed out to receivers manually. However, people do not use flyers. The only chance he keeps a flyer is if he is quite interested in what you are advertising in your flyers. But, usually people do not keep flyers; rather, they just read them and then throw them away.

But tissues are valuable. This means that whatever you advertise or print on the tissues will educate the public and will have a longer life span and more chances of getting noticed and read. In addition, even if a receiver doesn’t need a tissue pack, he may decide to give it to somebody else like a colleague or friend. Thus, your resources will never get wasted.

Tissue Pack Distribution

In Singapore, tissue packs are often handed in areas where there is a constant flow of people. Tissue packs tend to have a higher acceptance than other offline marketing tactic. Additionally, people will be able to see your advertisement as they use the tissue. This means that your ad meets its end goal often. As anyone receives your tissue pack with smile on his face, it is a win to win for both parties. You convey your message to your target audience and in return people get something they can use.


There are other reasons for using tissues to market your product or service. Tissue pack marketing and tissue printing could make a significant change in the results of your marketing endeavors. For instance, producing thousands of tissue packs can be possible in just weeks. With a higher exposure rate, you will be able to convey your message to many people in a short period of time.

Finding the Right Printing Company

You can find a lot of tissue printing company in Singapore; however, you need to find one that can meet your marketing needs. If you need printed tissue packs in bulk, consider finding a company that operates round the clock and understands the time factor for each order from ordering to delivery. Most importantly, look for a reputable company known for offering quality printing services.

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