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TomTom to create Hardware and software For Iphone

The Wall Street Journal today, June 10, 2009, reviews that TomTom is going to be creating navigation software along with a vehicle package for that Iphone. The program is going to be offered by Apple’s iTunes Application Store.  This announcement caused a 17% rise in TomTom shares. TomTom is really a Netherlands based business. Apparently, traders saw this being an chance for TomTom to improve its sales from the category leader Garmin.

However, in my experience this leads to something. First, you need to buy the navigation software for that iPhone after which if you wish to utilize it within the vehicle where it may be billed during use, you have to purchase the hardware package. That has seen something that is created for that iPhone because cheap? Especially because you have two companies here that has to make make money from it because it is a collaborative effort. Also, the content does not say whether software works around the new 3g s phones that Apple introduced now.

OK, what’s my point with all of this? Would not it be cheaper to buy a devoted Gps navigation navigation system for that vehicle? Personally i think that Gps navigation satnav systems for phones aren’t as effective and never  as simple to use as individuals inside a portable Gps navigation unit. Additionally they, do not have all of the options that the Gamin Gps navigation might have. There is a safety factor too. I do not begin to see the Apple’s screen being as visible within the vehicle like a portable Gps navigation. I suppose it is dependent on in which you mount it. Phone satnav systems haven’t impressed me.

I understand this announcement moves the iPhone a stride nearer to to be the “everything” phone. This is actually the exact position that Apple and ATT want. But,  I do not see where it will likely be very convenient inside a vehicle to need to mount your iPhone, be careful about your iPhone and answer your iPhone within the vehicle. I do not see lots of success in profits with this software/hardware collaboration, but I’ve been wrong before. These items result from be released this summer time. No specific date was handed.

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