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Top Questions You Must Ask To Choose The Best Secure Access Management Solution!

The right Identity and Access Management solution can do wonders for your organization. Right from cutting down costs, saving time, to reducing risk, it has many benefits you can ever ask for.

However, the key here is choosing the right secure access management solution. So, how to ensure that? Well, the following are some of the basic questions you must ask to make sure that solution you have chosen is the best one for your organization.

How the access from mobiles is managed?

Today, people use their smart-phones for accessing different cloud based solutions. Therefore, here the identity should be able the user as well as the device. The device must be managed, secured, and known. After all, secure access requires contextual trust.

It is advisable to go for the vendors that offer you proper means that these mobile devices are secure and trusted. They should even have unified app and mobile access management since it reduces repetitive processes, tools, and skill-sets.

Is a full platform required or a point solution?

While looking for a secure access management solution, most of the people just focus on the immediate needs rather than considering future needs, too. Point solutions will likely cater basic benefits, but ultimately you may require the services of the provider that can even cater your future needs.

A complete and integrated platform that wires many single point solutions together is important to choose. Rather than providing just more and more tools, the IDaaS provider should offer you integrated technologies.

Is it a hybrid solution?

It is quite important to ask your potential vendor whether they offer you with a hybrid solution having control as well as access across Saas-based as well as on-premises applications. Larger companies are more likely to demand mature solutions that can handle complex challenges of the hybrid environments. If these capabilities aren’t supported well, then the companies may require dealing with disparate solutions.

The solution you select must offer single identity for accessing all the applications regardless of where they reside and across all of the end user platforms. These platforms can include laptops, desktop computers, as well as mobile devices.

While at first choosing the ideal IDaaS solution for your organization may seem to be a challenging task, the above questions will help you find out the best one! After all, considering the key criteria is quite important here.

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