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Unexpected Green Businesses in Manufacturing

In today’s modern world we expect more from the businesses we interact with then to simply give us a good price. As more and more companies embraced the concept of taking a role in protecting the planet through green business initiatives, this has also become part of our purchasing decisions. We look at potential vendors with a new and much greener eye. We want them, like us, to be good corporate citizens who think about how they can diminish their carbon footprint, mitigate their impact in the form of what kind of waste they create and similar thoughtful initiatives.

But finding these types of business in certain sectors can be difficult. Industries such as construction and manufacturing pose even more barriers to this kind of thinking because of the nature of their businesses. But there is some hope, even in these trickier sectors of industry. Here are a few businesses that are working hard to make a green difference despite the challenges. Some have even made recycling and other green activities a cornerstone to their working model. They may be just the vendor you are looking for when it comes to partnering with a company that cares about the planet with more than just fancy words.

Molding Plastic in a Green World

Manufacturing from plastic may not sound like the kind of company that would have a green outlook on life and business. Since the life of plastic is almost infinite, it is seen by many as the antithesis of what it means to be green in today’s business world. But there is one company that has proven to everyone that there are many different types of plastic molding and with recycling it can move from a business that intrudes on our planet’s well-being to one that is positive.

In fact, by recycling plastic to create new plastic molded products they are removing plastic, one of the most persistent pollution problems in today’s world, out of the stream of trash we produce each day. Now that is being a company that is not only green, but actively looking for ways to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

Chocolates in the Sun

Nevada gets a lot of sun, so it isn’t that surprising that they should have some of their local businesses wanting to harness that sun. But we aren’t talking about a little company setting up fruit drying trays in the sun here, nope. Local chocolatier Ethel M has found a way to use all that lovely sun to power their chocolate factory.

They recently announced they would be setting aside around five acres of land the company owns to create a solar array to power the business. While solar power is definitely up there in terms of being a very accessible source of renewable power, using it to turn little beans into delicious chocolate just sounds like the perfect solution.

Private Equity Goes Green

As a sign that even the most unlikely of businesses are looking at going green, Forbes recently announced that a private equity firm has partnered up with the Environment Defense Fund. This partnership was formed to help KKR reduce the amount of waste they were producing at the firm, as well to lower the amount of consumption they saw at the company. While an unusual partnership, it is a sign that even that most wasteful industry, riddled with conspicuous consumption at every corner, can be green when it embraces the model for business.

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