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Upgrading Your Sales Office Technology

Regardless of the size of your sales office, chances are there have been times when you have considered upgrading your sales technology. It might mean that you want to change up the cell phones that they are using to something more business friendly such as Blackberry or the latest iPhone. But what if you wanted to upgrade the entire software system? This could mean not only learning a new system, but also finding a foolproof way to migrate all that customer and business data to the new system. Just how hard is it to make this kind of move and is it even technologically possible? The answer depends on the software you chose to move into and when.

Upgrading a Unified System

Because so many businesses start small and grow from there, they will often find that their business software has not kept up with the growth of their business. You might have begun with five employees and now have five branch offices, all with over one hundred sales staff and support staff to coordinate. Luckily there are some fantastic migration plans that will help you move up in the world to a more robust and dynamic system that can grow as you do.

Leading Software Developers for Migration

It doesn’t take an IT specialist to know that Microsoft is the world’s leader when it comes to software development. So, it only makes sense to first consider the dynamics AX migration software system they have as it is for one of their most successful sales office software packages. A little investigation will show a smartly integrated software system that will migrate data to a cloud environment, making it accessible to your entire network. Now you can backup data, recover lost data and even upgrade on the go, all from any of your key locations.

Scalability Can Be Key

Of course, you don’t plan to have your company stagnate at its current level. That is why the scalability of any software program is so important to its success. When considering which kind of software, you want to choose for that all-important upgrade, be sure to ensure it is not only cloud hosted but also totally scalable for future growth. Technology changes and to keep up with the latest tools you will need to make those changes from anywhere and in whatever form you need.

Flexibility, Growth and Security

The bottom line is always security. Of course. But if you combine your upgrade plans to include a leading software manufacturer, a trusted installer that is recommended for the shift and a flexible system for future developments, you have covered all your important bases. While you may not have all of these ducks in a row right now, planning for that next big upgrade can mean moving to a system that grows with your business. Your sales team and office staff stay supported, your business grows at a pace it can handle well and your technology grows along with you. That is, after all, the goal of any software upgrade that can transform your digital capabilities and your business as a whole.

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