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What Do You Want to Achieve with Your AdWords Account?

You may have a great SEO program in place. However, you need more than that if you want to increase your marketing and sales figures. You also need to include Google AdWords in your sales or marketing program. Otherwise, you will get beat out by the competition.

If you set up a Gmail ads campaign with a Google Ads agency and also include certain keywords in certain campaigns, you will realise a larger amount of success overall. Many companies still don’t realise the effectiveness of a Google AdWords or Gmail ads campaign.

Forming a Lead Generation Strategy with Google AdWords

A lead generation strategy can be built into the marketing program to realise the following outcomes.

  • An AdWords and Gmail campaign must be designed to reach people who are well versed in digital products.
  • The goal of the sales and marketing team must be to open over 1000 accounts inside a two-week period.
  • You can realise a sizable response and open up almost 230% more accounts.

Once you have built a strategy for leads, you can really have your AdWords take off. By using Google AdWords, you can communicate with site visitors. For instance, you might notice that statistics show that many of your visitors are only window shopping.

Convert the Window Shopper in a Remarketing Campaign

Window shoppers are the people who visit your site but have not acted or bought anything. If you want to remind them to revisit your site, you can display remarketing of the products or services. This is easier when you create a list of the people who reviewed your site but have yet to make a purchase. By creating a remarketing list, you can use Google AdWords for searching.

RLSA, which stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, is used to oversee remarketing campaigns on a search network. The advertiser needs to include the keywords when utilising this campaign. The ads, in turn, will match a user’s search queries. Because visitors have already visited the site, you can use AdWords to remarket your products or services.

Regularly Measure Conversions

By working with an AdWords agency, you can measure your conversion rate and check performance on a continued basis. Whilst it is difficult to measure ads in newspapers and on the radio, you can easily learn the results when you use AdWords. AdWords statistics can reveal who clicked on the ad campaign, the lead generation figure, and how much traffic reached your site using AdWords. You can also find out which keyword generated the most interest. This will allow you to learn the cost for each lead.

It is fun to measure AdWords results as it gives you a better insight about running your marketing campaign. By working with an agency, you can realise increased conversions and a better revenue stream.

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