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Your Simple To-Do List after Buying a New Phone

Congrats on getting your latest phone! You have probably purchased the best in budget and have unboxed the device for use, but what’s next? We have some amazing ideas for new buyers, because we know your device needs some attention.

Get a screen protector

Phones are mostly placed in pockets and bags, and the screen is often prone to a lot of damage. If you don’t want to deal with an ugly phone with endless scratches, make sure to get a screen protector. You can look for tempered glass protectors, which are way better than the otherwise plastic ones. In fact, tempered glass can absorb extreme shock, and in case you end up dropping the phone, the damage is unlikely to be huge. Screen protectors can be purchased online, so don’t settle for cheaper plastic ones that barely do any good.

Get a fast charging cable

Most of us need to charge the phone at work, in the car or at public places, and that one charger with the device is never enough. Look for an usb c cable, which will help in fast charging on the go. USB charging cables can help in transferring data faster, which is great for people who deal with regular media on the phone. Charging cables come for all kinds of prices, but take your time to choose one. A slightly expensive choice might be better than buying a new cable every other day!

Get a funky case

Your device needs a case. Phone covers are getting cheaper by the day, but look for the one that can deal with shocks and sudden drops. It hardly takes one unexpected fall for the screen to damage, and you can avoid such issues easily. If you are fond of quirky and funky covers, you can get shock-absorbing covers in simple colors from your local mall or favorite online store and design it in the way you like. After all, who doesn’t want a DIY project for the weekend?

Check for updates

Right after you get the device out of the box, make sure that you check for updates. You will find the same in the settings section. Updates are important for the overall performance, and you will find regular updates from time to time.  Check with the manufacturer or browse online to know the latest available version of the OS for your phone. Also, you might want to download a few apps as needed. Some of the phones do come with bloat apps, which you can choose to delete.

Get gadget secure

Your new phone should last for at least two years, and therefore, you may want to get extra gadget secure for the device. Some sellers may offer extended warranties, which can be an advantage, or else, you can get third party security services, which will protect the phone against accidental damages and theft that are not covered under general phone warranty.

Spend a day and get these basics in place – You will thank us later!


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